24/7 Emergency Industrial Door Services in Sydney

24hr / 7day a week breakdown service
This is our Emergency response service when you need help


24hrs a day repair service
We offer the flexibility to do the repairs in the hours that suits your business needs & to help minimize the impact


24hr Customer Assist Support
All of our services clients have the piece of mind of knowing they always have a point of contact to help them in time of need. Which is offered through a Client assist line & Email services


Preventative Maintenance Packages
We have a range of services packages that can be tailored to suit Almost every maintenance budget & that brings more value for money then most other companies care to provide


Product consultancy service
This service is offered to help our clients, whom are thinking about purchasing a new door product to understand what will meet there requirements, rather than just what is the cheapest option, but to really look at the most effective option to maximize long term usage & reduce long term costs.

Take down Replacement service
Here we offer competitive rates in pulling out an old door & refitting a new door in its place to fit with the same or similar style of the original door, keeping the aesthetics

Installation & Entry project service
This service is designed to work in with our Product Consultancy Service to help take the stress out of multiple product installations, when you require a variety of Equipment to be installed all at the same time


Contractor & trade assist services
**Trade & Door industry Clients only**
We have been handling overflow services for different door companies since 2009, offering discounted trade rates with a value for money back up service, handling after hours issues through to extended periods

Compass Doors Services Pamphlet


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