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Roller shutter door repair sydney

Industrial/Commercial Door Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services in Sydney, NSW

Operational Information

In the event of something goes wrong;

  • We recommend the door equipment be Isolated from further use if safe to do so.
  • Isolate people & any traffic from the situation & from any contact with the door equipment.
  • Take note of the situation & everything involved.
  • Contact your building manager, maintenance supervisor, building owner or your call centre to log a call with your Door Service Provider.

Alternatively, Contact your Door Service providers assistance line for help in what to do.

Our Customer assist line operates 24hrs a day 7 days a week to assist all our Service clients as real back up & support.

Compass Doors Workmanship

The Types of Doors we service, Maintain & repair;

Door TypesApplications

Roller Shutter Doors

  • Car Parks
  • Retail Store Entry
  • Loading docks
  • Factory Warehouse
  • Custom usage Commercial & Industrial

Industrial Roller Doors

  • Factory / Warehouse / Loading Docks
  • Storage
  • Commercial

Sectional lift Doors & Boom-gates

  • Car parks




  • Commercial Property car parks
  • Strata Property car parks

Sliding gates & Swing Gates

  • Commercial Properties
  • Custom Made to suit on Request

Roller Grilles & Polycarbonate shutters

  • Commercial retail entry

We also offer assistance in locating other relevant trade services for all other types of doors from Automatic Glass sliding doors, Fire Doors, Pedestrian doors, Aluminum doors to swing gates. For all of our service Clients, if you have a problem we can help you resolve it…. Just another way we help support our Service customers so you’re never alone when you need help.