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Garage Door Repairs in Sydney

Garage Door Installation & Service in Sydney, NSW

Compass Doors was created with the flexibility to deliver quality innovative Services, Tailored to suit a range of client requirements in the Corporate, commercial, industrial & Strata environments.

With over 25 Years experience working in manufacturing, Servicing, Repairs & Installations of a wide variety of Doors & Gates across the Commercial & Industrial range, This allows us to drive forward with innovative products & services to a high professional standard.

We have an extensive Research & development department within our Australian Door Technologies division where we seek to create longevity products for all of our clients & we back our products with up to 7 years warranties to help give our clients a peace of mind.


Compass Doors Principals

  • Deliver Real Value for Money Services
  • Offer Quality, Innovative Solutions with a wide variety of services
  • Real support & back up service

We believe in these principles & this is only the beginning.

We are passionate about our commitment to our clients in helping to bring down the cost of maintenance by building a good understanding of products, equipment & Maintenance services in Sydney, NSW.

Our goal is to deliver excellence in quality & reliability.

Emergency Garage Roller Door Repairs-Sydney, NSW 

is our 24hr / 7 Day Services Division 

Where we cater for the Commercial & Industrial Roller Shutter Doors, Roller Doors, Sliding Gates, Swing Gates & Boom-Gates.

The Services we offer;

  • 24hr Breakdown Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Installations Services
  • Trade Assistance Services (Corporate & Strata Clients Only)
  • Relocation Services
  • Door Industry Technician Training Services (For door industry companies only)
  • Overflow assistance services (For door industry companies only)